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Reviving the Cinema

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Tetritskaro Youth Center

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Event Date and Time

10.10.2020, 18:00

Address at which the event will be held

Georgia, Kvemo Kartli, Tetritskaro, Algeti street (

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In our town, Tetritskaro, there is no opportunity for culture recreation and development, that means that we do not have theater, cinema or something like that. Years ago we had cinema which’s building now is in very bad condition. We would like to pay attention on that building and the fact that the local population needs cinema, that is why we decided to show movie in the yeard of the cinema building. Also, we want to show that it is possible to revive the building for even one day and to show local government and community that youth wants to live in better town. As a result everyone will think about it and it is possible that local government and donors will take care of that building and cultural development of the town.

Name and Surname of the contact person

Lusine Dostibegiani