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Sunny day

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civil society for development

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08.10.2020, 10:30

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село Енисели, город Кварели, регион Кахети

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Mission of our organization is to improve well-being of our community by promotion of civic education, raising awareness on democratic values and providing non-formal education. We have been conducting trainings to parents of kindergarten children for years on important topics such as: positive parenthood; education in early ages; family relations, and etc. This year we decided to try another approach and considering results of the needs assessment we developed sewing course for target parents. At the end they will have knowledge and skills that can be used for individual sewing orders that are in high demand in our region. In frames of the CE week we will organize a presentation where following events are planned: To present the abovementioned project; to promote women’s economic empowerment; to gift festive forms to the kindergarten sewn by the women mentioned above. Additionally, the kindergarten will receivea sound amplifier from our organization. This gifts will support the kindergarten to organize developmental as well as celebration activities. The event will be attended by children, parents and local government representatives (30-50 persons).

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Mariam Osiashvili