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Service Learning: методология обучению гражданскому образованию

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Образовательный фонд "Эдукейр"

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06.10.2020, 11:00

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Yerevan, Armenia

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The workshop will aim to introduce the methodology of using service-learning (SL) for teachers of civics in schools and offer to reflect on its potential for bridging the school-community bond. It will draw on the practical aspects of SL as a tool for civic pedagogy where the teachers should be able to set the bridge between the theory of democracy and human rights and its practice. As such, SL is a structured approach to learning about human-rights related issues that combine both class and field experiences. It allows young people to devote their time to working over a social issue in their community, while at the same time helps develop their critical and analytical thinking skills to acknowledge and promote respect for human rights. By the end of workshop, the participants will: a) recognise the components of service learning and its distinctive features b) map tools and resources to integrate SL into their school curriculum c) identify ways to teach youth to directly address human rights in their communities

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Анна Геворкян