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Название мероприятия

Мобилизация для гуманитарной помощи

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Организатор мероприятия

NGO center (NGOC) and Vanadzor Infotun

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Целевая группа мероприятия

Дата и время проведения мероприятия

07.10.2020, 12:00

Адрес, по которому будет проводится мероприятие

Vanadzor, Republic of Armenia

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Ожидаемые результаты мероприятия

NGOC (NGO center) which is actively working in Armenia, particularly Lori region since 1990, currently is fully engaged in the coordination of humanitarian support for the people from Artsakh (Nagorno Karabagh). All the scheduled events of the NGO are postponed due to the current intensive war. NGOC is actively providing psychological, social and humanitarian support, by coordinating the processes in Lori region. We organize the work in cooperation with Lori regional council and other state institutions. Currently NGOC is coordinating the work of volunteers who take care of a proper realization of all the activities mentioned above. Civil society organizations’ role and active involvement is super important and NGOC is sharing the responsibility.

Имя и Фамилия контактного лица

Vahe Khachikyan