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Title of Event

Digital Tools for Civil Society Activists

Event Form

Event organizer

Gumru Aliyeva

Link to a site or other electronic resource of an organization/initiative

Event target group

Event Date and Time

10.10.2020, 18:00

Address at which the event will be held

94 Bakikhanov Street, Baku, Azerbaijan

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Event Country

Event language/languages

Expected results of the event

-Civil society activists will be informed about online resources.
-Participants will be informed about the target audience on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Youtube.
– In the second stage, 3 video contents will be prepared and shared on social media with at least 10 of the 20 young people who will participate in the training.
– Contacts will be established between young people working in organizations operating in Azerbaijan, and as a result, the number of joint projects will increase.
-Especially civil society representatives who will take part in the training will be informed about Facebook ads manager and Facebook creator studio.
– Young people who gain new knowledge as a result of these trainings will reach that target audience by applying that new knowledge in their organizations.

Name and Surname of the contact person

Subhan Hasanli